At the University of British Columbia, I am looking for enthusiastic, disciplined, and collegial graduate students in Ph.D. in Forestry or Master of Science in Forestry. Key topics, skills, and research interests include:

  1. Effective monitoring of urban parks and forests usage
    • Overall research question: How can we monitor and predict the usage patterns of an urban forest in a reliable and efficient way?
    • Skills/interests needed: digital technology (sensors, drones, etc.), computer programming (python, R, SQL, etc.), machine learning algorithms, observational research
  2. Role of urban forestry in urban developments
    • Overall research question: What are the role and impacts of urban forestry design and planning in sustainable urban developments?
    • Skills/interests needed: urban planning and design, mixed-methods research (case studies, quasi-experiments, statistical analysis)
  3. Access to urban parks and forests of varying sizes and forms
    • Overall research question: How do we connect low-mobility population with different sizes and types of urban parks and forests?
    • Skills/interests needed: GIS, statistics, multidisciplinary interests (forest management, environmental justice, urban design and planning, transportation, etc.)

If interested, please send a brief letter of interest (including your CV) to me at keunhyun.park@usu.edu. Any questions are welcome.