About me

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Hello! I am an Assistant Professor at Utah State University in the Department of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning. I am also a co-director of VIVID Lab (Visualization, Instrumentation and Virtual Interaction Design Laboratory) at USU. With degrees in landscape architecture and urban planning and design, I conduct behavioral research through spatial data analytics and digital technologies. Ultimately, my research aims to understand how to design healthy, just, and resilient cities through smart growth and urban nature. Primary research agendas include:

  • Sustainable community design and its behavioral outcomes: Smart growth (compact, mixed-use, walkable, and environment-friendly community design) can solve societal issues that sprawl developments have generated, such as public health issues, social isolation, job-housing mismatch, and the destruction of ecological systems. My research examines the effectiveness of smart growth design and policies on people’s quality of life—in particular, health and travel outcomes.   
  • Technology-driven behavioral research in public space (e.g., drone, sensor, VR/AR): Existing tools for monitoring public space use suffer from limited reliability and cost-efficiency. I believe that a more efficient and reliable tool (e.g., drones, wifi sensors) could lead to the better-informed design and decision making
  • Environmental justice and accessibility in urban nature: Creating conditions for equal access to urban nature (e.g., street trees, urban parks of various sizes, regional and national parks) is an important objective for healthy, just, and resilient cities. My research relates access to urban nature (through different modes of transportation) to communities’ socio-economic status and aims to provide tools to achieve “green justice.”

For information about my research, please also visit my Google Scholar Profile and Research Gate profile.