You can see my work samples, including professional works, studio projects, and other graphic design works. The products have been made across multiple fields including landscape design, landscape planning, and urban design. Contact me at

Below is the list of professional projects in landscape planning and design and urban design I have involved in.

  1. Sutton, L., Anderson, D., Powell, J., Park, K., & Singleton, P. (ongoing). Active Transportation Plan for North Logan, UT, North Logan City
  2. Seo, M., Park, K., Bae, H., & Kim, Y. (2014). Urban Design Guideline for Pedestrian, Bicycle, and Transit-Oriented Development. Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport
  3. Ha, S., Park, K., Kim, J., & Kim. D. (2013). Urban Design Master Plan for Hong-Neung Global Green Research Complex. Ministry of Strategy and Finance, Korea
  4. Choi, Y., Park, J., Park, K., & Paek. K. (2012). Greenway Master Plan for Saemangeum Project. Korea Forest Service
  5. Kim, J., Park, K., Choi, Y., & Jung, S. (2012). Landscape and Urban Design Guideline for Saemangeum Project. Prime Minister’s Office, Korea
  6. Lim, S., J. Pae, J., Ahn, M., Park, K., & Lee. K. (2009). Landscape Planning and Design for Suncheon International Wetlands Center. Suncheon City Government, Korea
  7. Lee, S., Pae, J., Park, K., Lee, S. (2009). Architectural Design Guideline for Asan. Asan City Government, Korea
  8. Pae, J., Ahn, M., Park, K., & Lee. K. (2008). Cultlral Park Master Plan in Jeongyang Abandoned Railway Site. Yeongwol City Government, Korea
  9. Pae, J., Ahn, M., Park, K., & Chae. A. (2008). Landscape Plan for “Bio-Korea 2008 Osong Expo.” Korea Land Corporation