Landscape Architecture Faculty Citation Measures

I, with Dr. Tom Sanchez at Virginia Tech and Jessica Zuban (a graduate research assistant), published a paper at Landscape Journal, titled “Evaluating Scholarly Productivity and Impacts of Landscape Architecture Faculty Using Citation Analysis” (download).

The citation data used in the paper are available here. A few notes about the data:

  • The dataset includes 504 faculty members in 77 landscape architecture programs in U.S. and Canada (as of Spring 2021)
  • We define landscape architecture faculty as the tenure-track or tenured faculty members with the title of Assistant, Associate, or Full Professor in university programs accredited by LAAB and LAAC, who teaches landscape architecture courses
  • The citation data were gathered from Google Scholar and Publish and Perish software, and our dataset includes multiple citation measures, such as citation counts, h-index, hI,norm, and hI,annual (see here to know more about those measures)
  • It also includes other personal informaion such as current school, position, gender (assumed from their given names and photos), and final degree information (type, school, year)
  • A companion dataset/study in urban planning (which was influential to this study) is available at Dr. Tom Sanchez’s blog

The results show that citation activity is correlated with rank (particularly, full vs. associate and assistant), degree type (doctorate vs. non-doctorate), and career length, with no detectable differences between male and female scholars. We believe that our methods and findings can be used as a complementary measure to quantitatively assess the level of scholarly contributions of landscape architecture faculty members both at the individual level and program levels.

Please contact me at if you have any questions or suggestions (e.g., correction to the dataset).